“Come as a patient, leave as a friend”

About Us

“Come as a patient, leave as a friend” is Dr. Kevin Bacchus’ motto and it rings true with every new friend at Cathcart Dental.

Dr. Bacchus was raised in Sarnia with four siblings, but was the only one who yearned for a life of dentistry at a very young age. “I was sitting on my father’s knee when he was studying dentistry at the University of Toronto” says Dr. Bacchus. “I joked at dental school that I had already studied the material.”

Since graduating from the University of Western Ontario, he has gained more than 20 years’ experience, and is on track to pass the family record of his late father, Dr. John Bacchus, who practised in Sarnia for more than 30 years.

Here at Cathcart Dental and our twin sister Wallaceburg Family Dental, Dr. Bacchus has a passion for dental implants and cosmetic dentistry, but has a wide range of skills, including teeth cleaning, straightening and whitening to give you confidence to smile bigger and brighter than ever before.

Dr. Bacchus brings his love for life into his laidback office environment. His favourite joke is, “What is a dentist’s favourite animal? A molar bear!” Come visit us – every dental joke you bring is guaranteed to get a laugh (or a groan!).